Preset List

The preset shortcut command table

PTZ Dome Camera Instruction List2.5 Inch WI-FI Dome Camera Instruction List
FunctionMode Of OperationFunctionMode Of Operation
Camera universal addressAddress code 255group first cruise preset 1-8(Dwell time 5 seconds)Call 65 Preset
Enable Preset cruise lineCall 71 Preset group second cruise preset 9-16(Dwell time 10 seconds)Call 66 Preset
A cruise preset for 4 secondsCall 75 Presetgroup third cruise preset 17-24(Dwell time 15 seconds)Call 67 Preset
A cruise preset for 8 secondsCall 76 Presetgroup fourth cruise preset 25-32(Dwell time 20 seconds)Call 68 Preset
A cruise preset for 10 secondsCall 77 Presetgroup fifth cruise preset 33-40(Dwell time 30 seconds)Call 69 Preset
A cruise preset for 15 secondsCall 78 PresetGroup sixth fourth cruise preset 41-48(Dwell time 60 seconds)Call 70 Preset
A cruise preset for 20 secondsCall 79 Presetgroup seventh cruise preset 49-56(Dwell time 90 seconds)Call 72 Preset
Set the limit point A leftCall 91 Presetgroup seventh cruise preset 57-64(Dwell time 120 seconds))Call 73 Preset
Set the limit point B rightCall 92 Presetclear all of the presetsCall 77 Preset
To enable A, B two scansCall 93 PresetStart A ,B Low speed scanCall 87 Preset
To clear A, B two scansCall 94 PresetStart A ,B medium speed scanCall 88 Preset
A 360 – degree scan, and A, B two scanning speedCall 65、66、67、68 Preset,  the corresponding rate of 3, 6 degrees per second, 9, 15 degrees and 40 degreesStart A ,B fast scanCall 89 Preset
clear all of the presetsCall 60 Presetclear all of the presetCall 90 Preset
360 degree scans  (Only applicable few model)Call 99 PresetRestore the factoryCall 94 Preset
Forced light off (Only applicable few model)Call 88 Preset  
Forced light on  (Only applicable few model)Call 89 Preset  
Auto control light  (Only applicable few model)Call 90 Preset  
Restore the factoryCall 96 Preset